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Re: Questions about Residential design and 1997 UBC

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>accurate coefficients such as Rw (Is it 6 for a steel frame? Is it 8?  Is it
>12?  Why not 7.25?  Does the frame know if it's ordinary or special?)
>Why is assembly live loading 100 psf, why not 80, why not 92?

>All told, for design we always have VERY rough numbers going in.  We 
>should be careful not to get too caught up in the analysis and modeling hype 

This ought to be printed on everyone's PE license whether the engineer 
does mechanical stress analysis or buildings. Especially if it's done 
with FEA software, in circumstances where there is a temptation to cut 
corners on safety margins because the analysis is 'exact.' The road to 
engineering hell is paved with exact analyses based on guessed loading.

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