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Re: Duplication of others work.

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That statement could be construed as giving authorization to use the 
copyrighted material, however, you would not be taking responsibility for it.

I would just include the required copyright notation, and let it go at that.  
In that way, there would (should) be no question that you are not giving 
license/blanket permission to use the copyrighted material.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Richard Lewis wrote:

. > We include the following note in our standard title block used on all
. > drawings:
. > 
. > "Copyright (symbol) 1998 by MISSIONARY TECH TEAM.  The information 
. > contained in this Document is intended for use on this Project only. Any 
. > use or consequence of use beyond this Project is not the responsibility of
. > Missionary TECH Team."
. > 
. > 
. > This gives us the copyright protection as well as future misuse of the
. > drawings by client in an unauthorized project.
. > 
. >