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Re: Duplication of others work.

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Dear John,

I have been in this business since 1976.  I have seen details and
notes similar to the notes that I use many times on other drawings.  I
can't say that I invented the details since I learned to detail from
the structural engineers I learned from

In the last  year I have been providing PML studies to my clients.
Since my studies are now excepted by many financial instututions, a
prominent Orange County Engineer decided to use my format, including
typos on several reports.

I confronted the engineer and asked him to stop.  He offered to pay me
the fees he had accepted for the work since PML studies were not
really part of his business.

Before  I had discoverd his indescretion I considered this guy a
friend.  He asked me how I performed the studies what procedure I used
and etc.  I helped everyway I could.  I showed him how to get the site
information and etc..

When we met, He thought I was angry that he had taken business from
me. He didn't understand.  It took me months to develop the format.
The format reflects my ideas, my additudes.

It apparently happens all the time.  Its sad that we can't trust one

Ken Tarlow

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