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Re: Vapor Barrier

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For what it's worth!  I have always called for three inches of sand over the
barrier.  Contractors who had to audacity to tell me I had made a mistake and
then tell me "I've never had to do that!" got the typical response from me:  1)
I would explain that the sand absorbed the water migrating from the concrete so
it cured from top and bottom; and 2) now you can no longer tell anyone that you
have never had to do that before!

It is surprising that when it is explained in reasonable terms, the contractors
are much more receptive to doing the work.

Bill Sherman wrote:

> Brian K. Smith wrote:
> >I personally like using the 3" barrier when possible; however, half the
> contractors call my office and tell me I have an error on my plans. <
> I agree - I generally specify the 3" of sand when using a vapor barrier but
> also generally am questioned why the sand is on top of the vapor barrier
> instead of below it.  When I say it is correct as shown, I'm told "I've
> never
> seen it done that way".  Perhaps if enough of us specify it, someday
> contractors will get used to seeing it.
> I don't always use a vapor barrier under slabs on grade - I use it when
> there
> are finishes which are sensitive to moisture or when a damp floor is
> undesirable, but I don't automatically use it under "all" slabs on grade.