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Re: Duplication of others work. QUESTION????

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Hello all,

Jumping on the band wagon of illegal use of properties, I would like to ask
the panel how I would approach the following matter:

I work for Building and Safety and have reviewed engineer stamped plans by one
particular outfit on several projects.  I later found out from my inspectors
and homeowners that the person preparing the plans and calculations is not the
person with the stamp.  OF COURSE, this is normal practice.  However,
everytime I called this outfit to inquire about a particular design or for
clarification, and asked to speak to the person whose name appeared on the
stamp, this gentleman would have no clue what I was talking about and had no
idea what the project was.

I was later informed by my inspector that the person in question is an 80+
year old with bad site and Alzheimer...I might be exaggerating a bit.  Anyway,
from dealings at the counter and conversations with homeowners, I found out
that his son is running the outfit with the help of another licensed engineer.
The thing that upsets me about this whole situation is that the son stamps and
signs his father's name and often passed himself off as an engineer.  I do not
know if the son is registered or not, and have not inquired.

Morally, I can't stand this person degrading the title of his father...a
licensed SE.  Secondly, the people coming to this outfit for assistance are
being misled to believe that the common conventional construction designs
submitted (comprise of about 90% of the work I've reviewed) are work done by a
Structural engineer.  Because they are the lowest priced, this outfit has many
clients within the city. 

Personally, I am not acting on this.  I am playing dumb, deaf, and mute
(sorry, I'm lawsuit phobic)  But this is unethical and has to be illegal

The question is what measures can I take to discourage this practice or rather
STOP it?  If I report it to the Board of Consumers Affairs, will I be
anonymous?  Should or can the city take actions in stopping this?  Per laws, I
can only verify if the license is current and that is about all, or is it?

For most parts, this post is to blow off steam, but your response is always


Long T. Tang