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Dear All (Especially Dennis Wish);

We are doing a hospital addition in Indio.  The building is located on
what the geotechnical engineer said was a lake 400 years ago, so the
site has lots of poorly compacted lens of soils at various depths, too
deep to dig up and recompact.  The soils report states that during an
earthquake, the site would see 1.8" dynamic consolidation of the sands
and 0.6" liquefaction (I think).  Needless to say, this is causing some
problems.  The owner's rep thinks piles for a 2 story building is
absurd.  But trying to deal with with 2.4" settlement within 30' is
absurd, too.

Questions to the crowd:

    1. Has anybody designed or seen a design for a building on piles in
the Indio area?

    2. The geotechnical engineer said that the check on dynamic
consolidation is something they have just started doing.  Does anyone
have an idea how OSHPD would react to a soils report such a large

Thanks in advance.

Patrick Rodgers