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RE: Attachments and tables

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Thanks Donna, I think you are with the majority on this issue. I started the
thread because I received the 10K attachment and was not really aware that I
received it. It started me thinking that there was an advantage to
understanding the writers post when I could see a drawing explaining how he
constructed the header.
However, the downside is that if everyone did it it would take forever to
download mail.
I think the best idea suggested was to keep the attachments private.
Thanks for your comments.

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I am a lurker on AOL 4.0 and I can restrict whether or not I receive
attachments when I download my mail.  I download the mail, read it and then
decided whether or not I wish to download the attachment.  This has been my
method since being warned that many viruses come in attachments to email.  I
have found many of the attachments to be useful.  I have MUNPACK and can
.mme files but must explode them offline.  I can believe though that there
should be a limit to the attachment file size for some CAD files can be

Comments from a lurker.

Donna L. Gochenaur, PE