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Re: Plan check submittals and shop drawings

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Harold and Mark both make strong and convincing arguments.  I hope they
both express them to OSHA too.  Like Harold, I have a background in the
ice, sweat and dangers of construction.  My boilermaker wages financed
my structural engineering education (many wondered why I was busting my
tail studying at night while earning $12.75/hr in the late 60's for the
priveledge of graduating and earning $4/hr!).  

That's one of the reasons I, too, love D-B.  It goes back to the old
fashioned concept of the master builder.  When I am placed in overall
charge of a project, from concept through completion, I have both the
authority and tools to execute that project properly.  That includes use
and safety during construction as well as after occupancy.  The buck
stops with me, and I am compensated accordingly.  However, with our
prevalent low bid system, as fragmented as possible, with many
contractors taking jobs below cost intending to make it up on
backcharges, extra, and litigation, that doesn't work.  So now OSHA is
demanding, through these proposed new _LAWS_, that someone without
authority to control the site share in the liability for construction
site safety.  The erector has always had the option of employing an SE
to assist, now OSHA is REQUIRING the SE to share responsibility, but not
providing any real control.  

I'm not finished going through the proposal, but that's what it looks
like.  And I don't see some of it working in our current litigous

Phil Hodge