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Re: Duplication of others work.

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Everyone does do it.  General Notes and typical details are industry standards.
Everyone pretty much uses the same details and notes.  Look at your own drawings
and see how much of your typical details and notes are completely original.  I
mean how many ways can you draw up a standard holdown detail?  If you make
improvement to your own offices typical details in due time the improvements in
one form or another will show up on other engineers drawings.  No one gets
excited (usually).  When we first started using AutoCAD back in 1985, we put a
lot of our typical details on the computer.  In the process, we slightly
improved on details we had "stolen" from others, who had stolen from others, who
had stolen form others......
In time, we noticed that "our" slight improvements to some of the typical
details started showing up on other engineers drawings.

Unless you can patent something, you should realize that once your details and
notes are "out there", they will be copied if they are any good.

Now just changing a title block for a new project is a very different violation
than using typical details and general notes that you found you liked.


"Bill Allen, S.E." wrote:

> Please, Ernie, don't use the "everybody does it" arguement. I know that, in
> the 11 years I've had my own practice, I haven't looked at lot of other
> engineered drawings and "lifted" their work.
> Let me give you another example to counter balance your arguement. Say you
> are working for an architect who specializes in fast food restaurants. They
> hire you to do the structural engineering on a "McDonald's" type structure.
> You do an excellent job (which I would expect nothing less from you) and the
> project goes great. Say the architect gets another project using the
> identical building. However, instead of coming to you, he takes your
> drawings, cuts off the title block, adds his own and runs shacohs of the
> structural drawings. Since this project is in California and architects can
> do structural engineering for these types of projects, he does the same with
> your calculations. He doesn't hire you or even call you to let you know what
> he is doing. Sure, he takes the liability, but he has seen one project go
> O.K. (meaning that there were no plan check corrections and no complaints
> from the field) and he is willing to take that risk.
> If that happened to you, would you feel you had been cheated?
> Regards,
> Bill Allen