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Re: Duplication of others work. QUESTION

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Long T. Tang wrote:

. > I work for Building and Safety and have reviewed engineer stamped plans 
. > by one particular outfit on several projects. I later found out from my 
. > inspectors and homeowners that the person preparing the plans and 
. > calculations is not the person with the stamp. OF COURSE, this is normal
. > practice.  However, everytime I called this outfit to inquire about a 
. > particular design or for clarification, and asked to speak to the person 
. > whose name appeared on the stamp, this gentleman would have no clue what 
. > I was talking about and had no idea what the project was.
. > 
. > I was later informed by my inspector that the person in question is an 80+
. > year old with bad site and Alzheimer...I might be exaggerating a bit.  
. > Anyway, from dealings at the counter and conversations with homeowners, I
. > found out that his son is running the outfit with the help of another 
. > licensed engineer. The thing that upsets me about this whole situation is 
. > that the son stamps and signs his father's name and often passed himself 
. > off as an engineer. I do not know if the son is registered or not, and 
. > have not inquired.
. > 

If I recall correctly, this recently happened in Arizona and the Board of 
Technical Registration (BTR) took severe action against the father and son.  
If you would like further information, I will research it and provide it to 
you privately.

In Arizona, the identity of the complainant is kept confidential, although it 
is not hard to learn or to deduce who it is.  From my knowledge, most of the 
complaints to the BTR come from building safety departments as they have more 
knowledge of how plans are prepared than anyone else.  A lot of complaints 
from individuals are attempts at retribution or professional jealousy.  (Paul 
Scott, BTR Structural Engineer member, if you are lurking, please comment.)

Also, in Arizona, it is a violation of the BTR rules to know of violations of 
the laws and rules and not report it.

FWIW, the Arizona BTR is now on the web:  On this web 
site is a list of disciplinary actions taken by the Board, complete with 
names and registration numbers!

I would suggest that you contact your registration board and find out about 
anonymity and to get answers to other questions that you have.

I hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona