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Re: Duplication of others work. QUESTION????

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LtTang(--nospam--at) wrote:

> The question is what measures can I take to discourage this practice or rather
> STOP it?  If I report it to the Board of Consumers Affairs, will I be
> anonymous?  Should or can the city take actions in stopping this?  Per laws, I
> can only verify if the license is current and that is about all, or is it?

When I was a plan checker, I had a similar situation.  Assuming that you are a PE,
you have an obligation to report this matter to BORPELS.  Use of someone else's
stamp is clearly a violation of the engineer's act.  If you are approving work
that is illegally stamped you may be aiding in the commission of an illegal act.
You probably cannot remain anonymous if the BORPELS case goes to administrative
law trial.  While a city cannot regulate the practice of a profession, I would
suggest that the complainant be the Dept. of Building & Safety rather than you
personally.  It will probably get more attention that way.

Bob Bossi