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Re: Attachments and tables

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A similar thread was started about a year and a half ago when I posted an
acad .dwf file and got flamed.  Then consensus then was no way no how on
file attachments.  It's good to see that the consensus is softening a
little.  For those of you not familiar with dwf files they are drawing file
specifically for the internet.  All you have to do is download (free) a whip
driver from autodesk.  When someone sends you a dwf file you click on the
icon and it opens in your web browser.  You do not have to even own autocad
to be able to view the drawing.  This would be particularly helpful in
discussions about specific, complicated details.  It seems that this would
enable our discussions to evolve closer to a "back of the envelope" type
sketch and discuss situation.  Maybe in certain situations we can use this
in the future.

John Jones
Pell City, AL

BTW, the file size for dwf files is about 2/3 that of a dwg file.