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Re: Duplication of others work. QUESTION????

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In a message dated 98-10-14 00:38:00 EDT, you write:

<< he son stamps and
 signs his father's name and often passed himself off as an engineer.  I do
 know if the son is registered or not, and have not inquired. >>

What you described sounds like forgery,  If we are aware of illegal actions
taking place and not report them we could be charged as accomplices.  Since he
is signing his fathers name it is a crime and hurts all engineers. REPORT

Recently I was involved in a criminal action taken by the state against an
Architect who is licensed.  The Architect copied an engineers seal and
signature and affixed said the a set of calculation prepared by the engineer
without permission.  The architect was charges with forgery and falsifiction
of government doculments.

Results of the trial:  He ws comvicted of forgery.  State board review is
pending this architect may lose his license.