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Re: Vapor Barrier

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>From what I understand, the initial moisture migration during curing is both up and down through the slab.  The sand allows that initial moisture to be pulled away from the slab.  However, a properly cure slab is kept moist.  Having water trapped in
the sand below the slab, allows that moisture to keep the bottom of the slab moist during the whole curring process.  The same process can occur with gravel.  However, contractors have told me that it is more economical (cheaper) to use sand.  My
expierience with both sand and gravel has shown no significant difference.

T wrote:

> I probably didn't understood your explanation, however, although I have seen both ways done without obvious detriment to the slab, wouldn't it be desirable to have the water contained for the concrete to cure rather than the sand taking it away?
> (this is meant as a point of discussion and not necessarily my opinion)
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> >For what it's worth!  I have always ...  typical response from me:  1)
> >I would explain that the sand absorbed the water migrating from the concrete so
> >it cured from top and bottom; and 2) now you can ...