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RE: Avansee

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I had some time to play with Avansse and I attempted to recreate the
problems related on today's email. I have addressed them below:

Avansse Crashes adding Load Case:

I could not duplicate the problem that you indicated. I have had Avansse
crash on me (as I have most other softwares). In the case I did have a
crash, I attributed it to another program that was hogging system resources
in Windows 98. I have 96megs of ram and generally have no problems. I was
running a new version of IBM ViaVoice Executive which created a Kernel32
error in another program. Although I quit both programs, resources were not
released. When I tried to load Avansse I received an Avansse error message
stating that I was out of system resources (not the MS error that warns you
to unload a program). Avansse would not load until I re-booted my machine.
I did load a number of problems and attempted to create a load case. I was
able to create a number of new load cases including the LL or Live Load

Multiple Concentrated loads:
I also had a difficult time creating separate concentrated loads along the
same beam. I could only input one.
However, I figured out how to enter multiple loads:
Avansse allows you to create multiple load cases (not just load
combinations). It only allows you to enter a two character name. I created
four dead load cases D1, D2, D3, and D4. I was able to enter a concentrated
load for each of the dead load cases. This can be done for any other types
of loads (ie, L1 L2, L3 etc.).
When solving the problem you need to create a load combination - in this
case I entered 1.25D1+1.25D2+1.25D3+1.25D4. I was then able to solve the
model for this load combination (and view it on screen).

This is not a convenient way to handle multiple loads under the same load
case, but at least it is possible.

Hope this helps.
Dennis Wish PE

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I tried to add a LL to the load cases and the program crashed.

Jay l. Crawford