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RE: Avansee

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Dennis Wish stated:

>Multiple Concentrated loads:
>I also had a difficult time creating separate concentrated loads along 
>same beam. I could only input one.
>However, I figured out how to enter multiple loads:
>Avansse allows you to create multiple load cases (not just load
>combinations). It only allows you to enter a two character name. I 
>four dead load cases D1, D2, D3, and D4. I was able to enter a 
>load for each of the dead load cases. This can be done for any other 
>of loads (ie, L1 L2, L3 etc.).
>When solving the problem you need to create a load combination - in 
>case I entered 1.25D1+1.25D2+1.25D3+1.25D4. I was then able to solve 
>model for this load combination (and view it on screen).
>This is not a convenient way to handle multiple loads under the same 
>case, but at least it is possible.

Well I for one hope that you are wrong and this is exactly the case you 
stated of a someone not knowing the software and calling it a bug. 
Obviously we are not discussing a bug here, but if you are correct and 
this is a type of "gymnastics" necessary to apply multiple loads to a 
single beam in this package, you will be stating the case of those that 
"place value on their time" in the thread on Freeware.


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