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RE: Really clear Windows Error Messages:>)

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Like you, I am running Win98 with Dr. Watson resident.  Like you, I find
many and varied opportunities to crash my system.  And, like you, I get
some pretty worthless error messages with each event.  However, based on
this experience, I believe that I have learned how to partially
translate some Watsonese!  Your error message below translates roughly
"Close Outlook 98 and reboot."
Hope this Helps,
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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Subject: Really clear Windows Error Messages:>)

If you run Dr. Watson with Windows it's suppose to help you track down
the cause of a system crash. Even Einstein couldn't figure this one
"The application overflowed its stack.  This is typically caused by
unrestricted recursion or an exception inside an exception handler."
Glad to see that Microsoft is improving product reliability - any bet's
I won't be able to find this one on their knowledgebase?