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RE: Piles

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Liquefaction occurs when  a soil deposit, typically a saturated fine-grained
sand originally deposited in a loose condition, rearranges itself into a
denser condition due to a disturbance such as an earthquake.  A drastic
example of this is the Turnagain district of Anchorage, AK, which suffered
feet of settlement in the 1964 quake. 

Typical relationships I have seen reported between total and differential
settlements are that differential is ½ to ¾ of total settlement.  The
Geotech for this project should be able to give more specific info.

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	>What means ".6" of liquefaction"?.  I have never heard of that, and
if it
	is in the literature it must be pretty obscure.  What do they really

	The settlements given are likely to mean overall site
	"differential settlement"  that the design must accommodate, which
would be
	practically impossible.