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RE: Avansee

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I was not trying to prove anything - just offer some help. If you want an
example of when a bug is not a bug try this one.
I loaded a software that required a proceedure to be run as part of the full
setup. The routine failed each time I ran it - causing the computer to lock
up. I notified the company and they have not acknowledged the problem. I
also went to the company that made the operating system to see if their
knowledgebase library contained any information related to the error
message. There was nothing.
The software always crashed the same to files - MSVCRT.DLL and one other.
I resolved the problme:
The creation dates on the files that crashed were later than the dates of
the files installed by the operating system. This was because the operating
system (or one of the same companies other products) was updated to correct
some initial problems. I replaced the newer files with the originals.
I did not even reinstall the software that started the problem. I re-ran the
failed step (this was an option) and the software installed perfectly. I
have not noticed any consequences to my actions - YET.
Whose Bug is it? Was it the developer of the product that crashed based upon
another developer whose updates created the problem?
Is a bug clearly a bug? And, whose responsiblity is it?


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Dennis Wish stated:

>Multiple Concentrated loads:
>I also had a difficult time creating separate concentrated loads along
>same beam. I could only input one.
>However, I figured out how to enter multiple loads:
>Avansse allows you to create multiple load cases (not just load
>combinations). It only allows you to enter a two character name. I
>four dead load cases D1, D2, D3, and D4. I was able to enter a
>load for each of the dead load cases. This can be done for any other
>of loads (ie, L1 L2, L3 etc.).
>When solving the problem you need to create a load combination - in
>case I entered 1.25D1+1.25D2+1.25D3+1.25D4. I was then able to solve
>model for this load combination (and view it on screen).
>This is not a convenient way to handle multiple loads under the same
>case, but at least it is possible.

Well I for one hope that you are wrong and this is exactly the case you
stated of a someone not knowing the software and calling it a bug.
Obviously we are not discussing a bug here, but if you are correct and
this is a type of "gymnastics" necessary to apply multiple loads to a
single beam in this package, you will be stating the case of those that
"place value on their time" in the thread on Freeware.


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