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I just got back from SEAOC Convention. My comments may be a bit late, but I
go ahead and tell you what I did and know about the connections. I worked on
a seismic retrofit project of steel connection of a building constructed in
1910 in Ottawa. I have a ASCE journal publication on the subject, so look for:

"Cyclic Testing of Existing and Retrofitted Riveted Stiffened Seat angle
Connections", Structural Journal of the American Society of Civil
Engineering,(ASCE), vol. 122, No.7, pp.762-775, July 1996. by Sarraf, M.,
and Bruneau, M.

If you do not find the paper, let me know and i will send you a copy, or if
you want I will send you my complete report on the subject. I have suggested
ways to retrofit the connections, developed easy to use formulae to obtain
the moment capacity of the connections, and finally tested them.

There is also a good report from the research conducted at the university of
Washington and University of Minnesota for different types of older steel
connections. To obtain it you may want to contact professors Charles Roder,
or Roberto Leon.
As for connection details, I would suggest you looking for an old steel handbook
by Ketchum. I got one edition of the book dated 1920. What I found was that
most of the connections back then were fairly standard. In that handbook you
see the design tables and standard connections used back in those days. 

I hope my explanation helps,

Majid Sarraf

>I am working on evaluating a 1903 Structural Steel Building to load more
>weights on the existing beams/girders.  Any body out there has a
>sample/example for me.  I have done some work and I want to check my work to
>make sure.  The allowable stress is 16 Ksi.  I am particularly interested in
>shear stress analysis and how to retrofit the existing beams i.e., adding
>steel plates at bottom etc.  A hand written example will do, I have a
>spreadsheet to calculate moment of inertia for the old AMERICAN STANDARD BEAMS
>(Rolled I-Sections 15" I-60 , etc.)
>Also, any ideas how deal with the connections.  There are no as-built plans to
>find out existing connection details. Thanks in advance for your help.

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