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Re: Windows 98

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Multiple operating systems can be installed on your new machine.  However,
if the machine is coming with W98 already installed, and they formated your
entire hard drive as a FAT32 drive, you will have to reformat your HD. 
Windows (3.1 & 3.11 etc) uses a FAT16 system and cannot read a FAT32
format.  Depending on your comfort level with stripping your hard drive and
reformating, then reinstalling everything, will probably be the determining

Running your old software on W98... some will and some won't.  I'm no
expert here as I run NT and have to deal with the fact that some W95/98
programs won't even run on NT.

If you are buying the machine from someone you can work with, tell them
your intentions and they can probably make the necessary changes for you.

Steve P.