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RE: SEAOC Online - Computer Modeling

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Thanks for the comments, Ed. Let me clear up a couple of points so the
proper people get credit for the articles you mention. The modeling article
was published when, I believe, James Lord had taken over after I resigned.
However, it was on our agenda while I was Editor.
Second, the new issue will be called "SEAint Online" or "SEA International
Online" which encorporates the goals and potential of our SEAint List and

Yes, I would be happy to publish more articles on modeling and have already
contacted Bruce Bates for help. Rather than republishing articles in future
editions of Online, I will post these articles (where I can get the
approvals from the original author or publisher) on our SEAint Website. All
future Online Journals will be archived on the Website for your retrieval.
Over time, we will convert past issues to PDF format and make them available
on the Website as well. I will discuss with the SEAoSC office how we can
make copies available to the public - which will most likly carry a small
charge for publishing and mailing.

Thank you for your input - this is what I consider to be very important to
our growth. As I mentioned to others online, if you feel that you can author
an article or two, I will be happy to review the work for possible
publication. Please contact me privately to discuss this.

Thanks again for your comments.

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You resently indicated you are/will be the new editor for SEAOC Online, and
were open to suggestions regarding featured articles/subjects for

Could you consider placing another featured article regarding "Computer
Modeling"?  The one published sometime back rentitled, "Modeling Techniques
 Concrete Shear Walls with Boundary Elements by Satinder P. Singh was great.
Perhaps future articles could address modeling of rigid/stiff diaphragm.
Someone on the list mentioned Ed Wilson has an article on this.  Maybe it
be republished within Online.  Else, perhaps Bruce would be willing to write
something up -- his company's comments, spread throught the Risa3D manual
regarding diaphragm modeling, are great, particularly as it relates to
analysis.  Personnally, I've had questions on modeling a concrete
rib-joist-girder roof system using the Membrane Diaphragm option.

Anyways, I am glad to hear of your new position.

ed gonzalez