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RE: Windows 98

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You can run previous operating systems if you create separate partitions
which can be bootable. There are a few software packages in the stores that
allow you to do this. Partition Magic is one of them. Possibly someone else
can name the other packages that allow you upon booting to chose which
operating system you want to start.

The main advantage to Windows 98 is that it compiles all of the bug fixes
and driver updates for the last three years (since the release of '95).
Before I upgraded to '98 I crashed my hard drive and needed to reload
everything. It took me almost a week to bring my computer back to normal.
The biggest problem was starting with the three year old program ('95) and
then finding each and every upgrade (Service releases)for '95 and each of
the supported programs. To me this was a major advantage in paying the
upgrade price for '98.
I'm not sure who will agree with me, but I find '98 to be far more stable
than previous versions. This is not to say that it is perfect, but far less
troublesome. '98 also includes a number of utilites (most don't know about
or use these) that will check the date and reliablity of system files and
restore damaged or changed files - a great feat for correcting software
glitches. Dr. Watson is a diagnostic tool included in versions 3.1 through
98 that has been greatly inhanced and ,dispite my earlier post, very useful.

What puzzles me is that you want to maintain your old versions. '98 still
supports DOS based software as well as 16Bit programs that ran under 3.1. If
there is a feature from 3.1 like Cardfile that you want to keep, install it
in '98 - it will still run fine (although for $12.00 I'd recommend a
replacement known as AZZ Cardfile).

The downside to your desire is that 3.1 will very shortly be abandoned and
no longer supported. Since '95 and '98 are essentially the same program with
a few enhancements, I would abandon '95 in a flash.

Hope this helps.
Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: Windows 98

I am thinking about buying a new IBM compatible computer running @ 300mH,
loaded with Windows 98. (Standard stuff).

My question is: can I add to the basic Windows 98 setup "coming with a
machine" all previos versions of Windows, Windows 95 as well as Windows 3.1
and run whichever version I choose to run?  Also, since I have quite a few
programs running under DOS and I would like to continue using them, will the
STANDARD Windows 98 loaded machine allow me to run the DOS programs as

The second question is: what are the REAL advantages and disadvantages of
running Windows 98 (other than putting some change into the pockets of the
biggest money hungry anti-visionary that this century has created)?