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Re: Duplication of others work.

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I do not beleive that "simulating" someone elses work in part or in whole is
anything to be ashamed of in this profession.  I do believe that outright
"copying" as in Xeroxing someone elses work is going over the line.

I realize that redrawing on your own paper is merely a phsyical act that
reproduces the same product, but at least someone spent the time and $$$ to do
that.  To Xerox someones detail and paste it on a drawing appears to be more
theft than physically redrawing someone elses work.

I have redrawn other peoples details, but I have always added or deleted
something from it.  I have never found one that i used 100% because I have my
own "idea" of how it should be done.

I far as origininal thought in details, I believe we all use someone else's
(who is long since dead) true original thought to some degree.  Kind of hard
to come up with a new "concept" on drawing a beam to column connection.  There
was probably a cave man that made a sketch on a cave wall of a "wheel" made
from wood and then put th   note---"Use oak wood...or equivalent".......OR IF
the note said..."Wood wheel, see Engineer" was a prehistoric