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Windows 98

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The best thing is to get multi-operating system boot program such as 
V-System's, "System Commander", or PowerQuest's, "BootMagic" or DR-DOS, which 
has multi-boot capabilities built in.

You will have to partition your hard drive for each of the operating systems, 
and this is where PowerQuest's "PartitionMagic" would come in handy.  The 
new version, Version 4, just came out and "BootMagic" comes with it.  
PartitionMagic is great for re-sizing your partitions on the fly without 
having to back-up and reload your programs, which I can attest to.  Works 
with Windows (all flavors), DOS, OS/2, and Linux.  All can be on the same 
hard drive at the same time, albeit in separate partitions.  See for more info.

The answer to your second question is, nothing, except to make the richest 
get richer and more arrogant!  As it is right now, if you access Micro$oft's 
web site with a browser other than IE, it will put you at the end of the 
queue and put all people using Internet Exploder in ahead of you.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Karen wrote:

I am thinking about buying a new IBM compatible computer running @ 300mH,
loaded with Windows 98. (Standard stuff).

My question is: can I add to the basic Windows 98 setup "coming with a
machine" all previos versions of Windows, Windows 95 as well as Windows 3.1
and run whichever version I choose to run?  Also, since I have quite a few
programs running under DOS and I would like to continue using them, will the
STANDARD Windows 98 loaded machine allow me to run the DOS programs as well???

The second question is: what are the REAL advantages and disadvantages of
running Windows 98 (other than putting some change into the pockets of the
biggest money hungry anti-visionary that this century has created)?