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RE: Windows 98

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Win98 runs just fine on FAT16 (been there, done that).  It runs even
better on FAT32(am there, doing that).  BTW, Partition Magic does a
better job of converting partitions to FAT32 than the Win98 utility
does.  It even converts little partitions!

Stan Caldwell in Dallas

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Karen -

	many of the programs i've used (like Matlab, for instance) 
do not run on Win98 without a lot of help.  Matlab released a patch
so now it's "okay", but it still doesn't solve all of the conflicts.

	I'm not sure win98 will *run* on a FAT16 system.  Talk to
relatively reputable (the guys at CompUSA usually answer my questions
straight & with minimum of sales-pitch) about it.  Also, check on
such as System Commander, which allows multiple OS's to be run on a
machine.  The usual lose about multiple OS's is that they each need to
their own partition on the machine.  So a 6 gig HD carrying 3 OS's
gets turned into three 2 gig partitions which cannot be shared between
One win might be that separate partitions can be formatted differently 
(i think) so you could have a FAT16 partition for 3.x, and FAT32
for 95 & 98.  

	Good luck,

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