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RE: Windows 98 [OT]

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One thing that we both agree on is that PartitionMagic is truly magical!  I 
have used it to resize my partitions (I have C: thru K: to keep the cluster 
size and wasted space down) when one partition was getting filled up and 
another had a lot of unused space.  As with anything, including loading new 
or revised programs, I back up first just to be safe.

Although I hate to admit it, I do have Windoze 3.1 on one of my machines --- 
it came with it --- and I rarely use it.  I turn the machine on once a week 
and run Burn-In for 8 hours just to make sure the machine still works.  
Recently I had to print out some .PDF files and since I had just downloaded 
ACROBAT (for Windoze), I decided to use the Windoze machine.  When I tried to 
print the files, I got the message that there was insufficient free memory, 
so I took the files to my trusty DOS machine and, using ACRODOS I printed out 
the files with no trouble.  Both machines have the same amount of memory, 8 

Why do I like DOS?  It doesn't take over control of the machine.  I know what 
I am doing at the command line and don't have to try to guess what the icons 
mean, and if I am wrong, guess again at another icon.  I type "cad <project 
number>" to get into the drive and project subdirectory of AutoCad and 
start AutoCad; I type "wp" to get into the drive and directory for 
WordPerfect and start WordPerfect, and the same for many other routines 
without having a voluminous "Path" set.  I don't have to worry about some 
operating system putting hidden icons on my screen so that it can take 
control whenever it wants to.  I don't have a dialogue box come up on the 
screen that just says, "OK" when, obviously, it isn't OK, but you have no 
other choice.  And, above all, I have never had a crash where I had to reload 
all of my programs.  Any crash that I have had simply required the computer 
to be rebooted.

As far as accessing Micro$soft's web site, I wouldn't give Gate$ the 
satisfaction.  BTW, there is a great DOS graphical browser out, called 
ARACHNE.  It is still in the beta stage (at least *they* admit it) and is 
available at

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Stan Caldwell wrote:

. > Roger:
. > 
. > I agree with you, Partition Magic is truly magical!  But, why are you
. > visiting Microsoft's website and gathering these rumors?  I thought that
. > your only interest was in the maintenance/resurrection of DOS(the Dumb
. > Old System)!
. > 
. > Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
. > Dallas, Texas
. >