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Re: Vapor Barriers

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I did not state it very clearly, but I certainly am not advocating poking
holes in a vapor barrier nor do I specify it. I was simply attempting to
explain why some engineers  may still do it. I think it may have started
years ago when we used to put vapor barriers directly under the slabs. This
may have been an attempt at solving some of the other problems (ie plastic
shrinkage cracking, curling and bleeding). I see no need for punching holes
in the vapor barrier if the 3" sand above it is used.

Jim Kestner, P.E.

Caldwell, Stan wrote:

> "the vapor barrier is just intended just stop upward vapor transmission.
> That is why I think it may be OK to punch holes in the vapor barrier"
> Huh!  I don't get it, y'all!  Why bother to put down a visqueen barrier
> if you intend to poke holes in it?  If you had a boat, would you
> purposely poke holes in the hull?  Since the purpose of the visqueen is
> to keep moisture out of the floor, whether liquid or vapor, any
> penetrations are detrimental.  Besides, the contractor will usually find
> creative ways (rebar, crushed stone) to puncture the visqueen without
> any help from the engineer!
> Stan R. Caldwell
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