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RE: Windows 98

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"Rather than repeat all of
them here in a very long (Wishian) post"
I read "Everythink" 8')                            

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Subject: RE: Windows 98

I am thinking about buying a new IBM compatible computer running @
loaded with Windows 98. (Standard stuff).

My question is: can I add to the basic Windows 98 setup "coming with a
machine" all previos versions of Windows, Windows 95 as well as Windows
and run whichever version I choose to run?  Also, since I have quite a
programs running under DOS and I would like to continue using them, will
STANDARD Windows 98 loaded machine allow me to run the DOS programs as

The second question is: what are the REAL advantages and disadvantages
running Windows 98 (other than putting some change into the pockets of
biggest money hungry anti-visionary that this century has created)?


I was a beta tester for Win98, just as I previously was for Win95.
Therefore, I might be a bit biased, since my operating systems (final
versions, not betas) are free from Microsoft.  However, I do feel
qualified to answer your questions.

If you want to, and your new PC isn't set up (yet) for FAT32, you can
configure it to boot in multiple operating systems.  However, there is
absolutely no need to do this.  Win98 runs DOS apps better than DOS ever
did, 16-bit apps better than Win 3.X ever did, and 32-bit apps better
than Win95 ever did.  Also, it is much faster and less resource
intensive than WinNT.

Are there quirks?  You bet there are!  The biggest one is called
Internet Explorer.  Fortunately, this browser is not integrated as
closely into the operating system as Microsoft would like you to
believe, and can easily be disabled in favor of Netscape, or can be made
to coexist peacefully with Netscape.  I do, however, recommend that you
disable Active Desktop and Web View, unless you are really hooked on

There are many solid reasons to use Win98.  Rather than repeat all of
them here in a very long (Wishian) post, I would direct you to the many
comprehensive reviews available on the web, such as C|Net, ZD Net, and
Windows Magazine.  Since you apparently prefer to read articles with an
anti-Microsoft perspective, I would also direct you to the excellent
Windows Annoyances website.  For your convenience, links to these sites
are listed below.  Now, go buy your new PC and revel in the glories of

Best Regards,

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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