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New Win 98 Questions

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. > Question One: If I choose to execute DOS software that requires minimum of
. > 600KB of FREE conventional memory under DOS (600KB Largest Executable 
. > Program Size, LEPS), will Win'98 let me do it? Probably anyone running 
. > Win 98 machine can easily check it.

As a person that does not use Windoze, I would suspect that if you have a 
DOS program that requires a large amount of conventional memory, you probably 
would not be able to run it from a DOS box in Windoze.  In that case, re-boot 
into DOS, and run it as a plain vanilla DOS program.

. > Question Two:  If Question One is answered in a satisfactory way, what 
. > utility programs shall I install on the computer to have the best possible
. > control of the machine. Please keep in mind that the cost of such 
. > utilities has to be reasonable because I am not a mistress of Bill Gate$. 
. > I will listen very carefully what you have to say on the subject. 

I am not quite sure what you mean by "if Question One is answered in a 
satisfactory way."  There are many utility programs available both as 
freeware and shareware for both DOS and Windoze that can help you.  Recently 
I saw a DesqView386 program in a used computer store for $5.00.  PC Magazine 
and ZD Net have a multitude of utilities available and I don't believe that 
there is a larger selection of DOS programs available than there are on 
Simtel net  (they even have them listed in a database format file so that you 
can look for the program you want off-line).  IMO, the best way to keep 
control of your machine is to not use Windoze.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona