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RE: New Win 98 Questions

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Hurricane corrupted some files somewhere on my computer which affected boot
up for a while. I randomly re-installed some software and finally got rid of
the problem. Needless to say Hurricane is far away from my computer.

Prior to installing Hurricane, I tried Magna Ram which worked pretty good
and did not create any additional problems on my machine. However both of
these programs were trying to do something that I ended up doing and that I
should have done in the first place: add more ram. I am now running 128mb
and things run better. I have over 600kb conventional memory free to run a
DOS program (should that need ever arise) and the system hasn't run much
better. The price of RAM is cheap these days. I would recommend staying away
from the "gimmicks" that additional RAM would do better.

I think if you "tweak" your installation where you only load and run the
things that make you productive (no gimmicks, tricks, etc.), you can get a
Win98 box running pretty slick. I still have to reboot about once a day, but
that's a lot better than it used to be. I keep Outlook98 on my desktop, run
Quickbooks timer in the background, I usually have a couple of Autocad
sessions going, MS word and excel of course. And yes, once in a while, I
have been known to fire up Internet Explorer.

With regards to an aversion to MS products, I tried that with disappointing
results. A lot of other software will do similar things as MS products, but
not integrated nearly as well, IMO. I am starting to use hyperlinks in my
word documents a lot (links in my calculation table of contents and "to do"
lists by project are two big examples). OL express and WP Corel Central have
much less overhead (10mb vs. 23), but I have to give up something (and I
HATE when that happens). Netscape does run better in general (except at MS
sites) and secure transactions work best for me via Netscape.

One of the best features about Win98 (again, IMO) is the additional help
available through any Windows program through Help/About/System Info then
select Tools from the Menu Bar and select System Configuration Utility. At
this point, the user can select (and more importantly de-select)
applications loaded at startup to identify a particularly contankerous

Since I installed Win98, my system has been a lot more stable than under
Win95. I'm not sure I am totally sold on the FAT32, though since the
tradeoff for HDD space is a larger RAM demand. HDD space is a lot cheaper
than RAM (even though RAM has gotten a lot cheaper).

Bill Allen

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Subject: RE: New Win 98 Questions

That's an easy question - Yes and none:>) Not only does 98 manage memory
better it allows you to tweak out virtually as much as you need for DOS
programs without loading any other software. You don't even have to load an
Autoexec.bat or Config.sys file since 98 takes over completely from within.
As good as it is, it can get better if you add in a program that compresses
RAM a allows even more headroom - even under 98. There is only one program
that I have found to be effective and that is Hurricane 98 by Helix Software
(who has been bought out by another company who I can not remember).
Hurricane is carried in most software superstores - or you can search online
for the software and purchase it online.
I'm not sure if Bill Allen is still using Hurricane, but I recommended it to
him when he was having some problems during a Win 98 installation. Bill
might be able to offer his opinion on this.

Good Luck

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Subject: New Win 98 Questions

re:  Windows 98-questions:

Thank you VERY much for your help. You are an amazing bunch of guys who know
a lot not only about structural engineering but also about computers. It
that your responses made me decide to get a Windows 98 machine with some
modifications (additional software that chooses the OS I wish to run and

I have two more questions:

Question One: If I choose to execute DOS software that requires minimum of
600KB of FREE conventional memory under DOS (600KB Largest Executable
Size, LEPS), will Win'98 let me do it?  Probably anyone running Win 98
can easily check it.

If, it turns out that, standard LEPS under Win 98 is less than 600KB, can I
increase it to a minimum of 600, or what has to be done to run such program
under DOS. (One particular program that I use often is not designed to take
advantage of expanded/extended memory).

Question Two:  If Question One is answered in a satisfactory way, what
programs shall I install on the computer to have the best possible control
the machine. Please keep in mind that the cost of such utilities has to be
reasonable because I am not a mistress of Bill Gate$. I will listen very
carefully what you have to say on the subject.

Thank you for your kind future responses.