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John Shipp's Message to SEAOC members

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This may be my shortest message (the "Wishsonian writing style:>). I was very glad to read John Shipps message on the website - especially the organizations goals. It appears that the state may be back on the right path as I feel every one of the goals stated is important and issues that directly relate to the future of our profession, both locally and nationally.
The "Resolution for Structural Engineer as a Practice Act" that John outlines was a volitile issue on this site, but one which the board must have found to be important in the protection of the public. I applaud the boards action and support for this measure as I believe it will also place us much closer to a national licensing act to which we can come closer to a standardization of requirements.
If this is the direction SEAOC is going and we are getting past the internal problems of the past, I am willing to support my chapters both financially and in volunteerism.
I think John represents the type of leader of SEAOC that we have needed for a long time - one who understands the need to serve his membership.
Dennis Wish PE