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Re: Windows 98

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The answers to all your question is yes based on my experience.

Adv. and Disadv.?  Still 6 months using it and saw more adv.

Geoffrey Melchor

Karen12959(--nospam--at) wrote:
> I am thinking about buying a new IBM compatible computer running @ 300mH,
> loaded with Windows 98. (Standard stuff).
> My question is: can I add to the basic Windows 98 setup "coming with a
> machine" all previos versions of Windows, Windows 95 as well as Windows 3.1
> and run whichever version I choose to run?  Also, since I have quite a few
> programs running under DOS and I would like to continue using them, will the
> STANDARD Windows 98 loaded machine allow me to run the DOS programs as well???
> The second question is: what are the REAL advantages and disadvantages of
> running Windows 98 (other than putting some change into the pockets of the
> biggest money hungry anti-visionary that this century has created)?