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RE: Remuneration for Structural Engineers

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As far as I am concerned, the formula is valid at least through age 65!
I have ample data to prove it, but I have no intention of posting the
specific annual compensation data for any individual, or group of
individuals, in cyberspace!

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

Money can't buy happiness, but it
sure makes misery easier to live with.

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Subject: Remuneration for Structural Engineers

I am sure that the formula is not valid for the full working life for an
individual.  For example, is the formula, "2 to 3 times the age"
applicable for a person 45 years old or 55 years old?

Anyway, what I am reading here is hard to believe, because of what I see
in job ads in leading technical journals such as ENR, ASCE etc.  Very
often I find myself appalled at the low salary that is offered for one
with 10 years experience calling for whole gamut of job requirements.


Caldwell, Stan wrote: 
> In my honest opinion, $70,000 is somewhat low for an experienced and
> licensed structural engineer.  At least, for anyone over the age of
> The majority of engineers that I know all make at least twice their
> and many make closer to three times their age.  Of course, my

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