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RE: Fall Protection

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OSHA allows a fall protection system to be engineered if the person
doing the work is a registered engineer and OSHA Qualified and
Competent.  Fall protection harnesses must be used (safety belts are
no longer allowed for fall protection.)  These fall protection
harnesses limit the force on the body to 1,800 lbs.  This is
demonstrated by the manufacturer by test using an instrumented 310 lb.
"dummy worker".  

I've done many of these systems.  I normally use 2,000 lbs for my
designs and 310 lbs (including too belt) for a typical worker.  The
days of 200 lb. or 250 lb. workers are gone.  As this load is a short
duration impact type load, I usually accommodate a 33% increase in
retrofit work.  After the arrest of the worker, the load reduces to
the workers weight.  I don't use the 33% increase in new design. 

Paul F. Blomberg
Jacobs Engineering Group
Phoenix, AZ
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>From: Michael D Zaitz 
>To: seaint(--nospam--at)
>Subject: Fall Protection
>Has anyone done much design related to fall >protection.  The OSHA
specification requires a force >of 5000 lbs.  for the design of the
fall protection >supports.  The question I have is could you allow a
>one-third stress increase the same as done for wind >for the design
of the steel frame for a fall >protection system?


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