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RE: Re: Steel Column Base Plates

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The wedges around the perimeter are for safety during erection only and are
removed once the framing is assembled and stable.  I should have been more
clear on this in my original post.  The only shim stack left is the one in
the center, which remains in place.  

I prefer a gap of 1 1/2", but I will increase it to 2" when the base plate
exceeds 24" square.  Occasionally I will add grout access holes to the base
plate to assure proper consolidation.  The grout used is a pumpable grout
that requires forming.  It is very important to make sure that the
contractor abides by the manufacturer's requirements on installation.  Some
manufacturers require consolidation using pencil vibrators.  There is a
definite procedure for proper grout placement.

I do not have a detail that I can e-mail.  Forgive my AutoCAD incompetence.

Harold Sprague, P.E.
The Neenan Company

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This is another issue near and dear to my heart.  Number 1, I prefer a 4
bolt base plate with as wide a spread as possible using headed anchor bolts
(uplift or not).  The ironworker in me prefers shooting in a stack of shims
in the center of the base plate.  The column is placed on the shim stack and
anchor bolts.  For safety I suggest (engineer/iron worker hat on) that the
iron workers drive shims at the perimeter of the plate mid way between
anchor bolts.


If you don't mind, can I ask you to elaborate on this a bit?

How thick is the gap for the shims and grout?
How do you ensure the base plate has complete grout under it with all these
stacks of plates in there?  If there is a stack in the middle, and a stack
between each pair of bolts on all 4 sides, isn't it possible to have a void
in the grout in an area between these stacks of plates if the iron worker
isn't very meticulous in his work?  Yes, I know it can happen with a double
nut case as well, but with a clear opening between the bolts hopefully
packing the grout will be easier.
If it is not copyright protected :o), and since attachments have worked in
the past, can you attach a typical detail to a file which illustrates what
you do?



Richard Lewis, P.E.
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