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Re: New Win 98 Questions

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Please also consider Windows NT 4.0.   It is much more stable than any of
the Windows 9Xs.  And if one thread dies, your computer still works without
corruping the other datas in operation.  You can run many DOSs under NT
4.0.  You can have 80 rows of output in command mode (with vertical scroll
bar!)  Memory is so cheap these day,  if this is a work related computer, go
for the NT.

Sam Chang

"Caldwell, Stan" wrote:

> Karen:
> My answers are embedded at the "*" following each question below.
> Regards,
> Stan Caldwell in Dallas
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> Sent: Thursday, October 15, 1998 8:40 PM
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> Subject: New Win 98 Questions
> re:  Windows 98-questions:
> Thank you VERY much for your help. You are an amazing bunch of guys who
> know
> a lot not only about structural engineering but also about computers. It
> looks
> that your responses made me decide to get a Windows 98 machine with some
> modifications (additional software that chooses the OS I wish to run and
> maybe
> more).
> I have two more questions:
> Question One: If I choose to execute DOS software that requires minimum
> of
> 600KB of FREE conventional memory under DOS (600KB Largest Executable
> Program
> Size, LEPS), will Win'98 let me do it?  Probably anyone running Win 98
> machine
> can easily check it.
> *       No problem.  When you set up the "shortcut" to the DOS program,
> you can control the memory usage in the properties setup.  I've gone
> somewhat beyond 600K without any problem.
> If, it turns out that, standard LEPS under Win 98 is less than 600KB,
> can I
> increase it to a minimum of 600, or what has to be done to run such
> program
> under DOS. (One particular program that I use often is not designed to
> take
> advantage of expanded/extended memory).
> *       Not applicable, see above.
> Question Two:  If Question One is answered in a satisfactory way, what
> utility
> programs shall I install on the computer to have the best possible
> control of
> the machine. Please keep in mind that the cost of such utilities has to
> be
> reasonable because I am not a mistress of Bill Gate$. I will listen very
> carefully what you have to say on the subject.
> *       I'm not Bill's mistress either!  You really don't "need" any
> extras.  Win98 has more than a dozen great utilities tucked away on the
> CD.  You will find them in the Powertoy and ResKit directories.  Beyond
> that, I only recommend freeware.  You will find a large selection at
> Thank you for your kind future responses.
> *       You are quite welcome!