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RE: New Win 98 Questions

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Steve, I not here to debate this either. My opinion in operating system
choice is "to each his own". I have clients who run NT4.0 and have had a
great deal of problems with it. Now, they are running NT on a network and
this may be where his problems originate.
Personally, I am very pleased with 98 and find it to be a very stable
platform. Yes, I have some problems, but with the availability of the new
System Information program that is on the Win98 Accessories folder, I have
been very sucessful tracking errors and correcting them. I have not had an
error that was attributed to the operating system with the exception of one
that was caused by a corrupted system file. This was caught by the a small
program as part of the System INformation module called "System File
Checker". This small program keeps track of the version and dates of the
original system files and lets you know when one is corrupted or has been
replaced by another file with a different date. The program also lets you
restore the damaged files.
In addition, there are a bunch of utilities that allow you to delete missing
links, errors in the system registry and a maintainenc mode that keeps the
hard drive in the most effective order to optimize file loading.
The biggest reason to stay with '98 for now is the cost. If this is an
upgrade, '98 will cost the user about $89.00 while, I believe, a new copy of
NT will be considerably more expensive.
Outside of that, I don't have the knowledge and experience with NT to
compare availablity of compatible software, speed and any other issues
between the two.
I do believe, that Microsoft has changed the appearance of NT5.0 to be
closer to '98 so that it will make the transition easier.
If you were to ask what I would do, I would upgrade to NT5.0 when it was
available because I know that that is the direction that Microsoft is going
for the reasons I stated in my last post.
However, for a neophyte who is just starting with Windows or upgrading to
'98 I would suggest '98 over NT for two other reasons. a) the shear number
of '98 users exceeds NT users at the small scale. This makes support by
others around you easier to contend with without having to contact Microsoft
or a system specialist. I'm not saying that support for NT is not good, but
I believe more individuals are using '98 and this would make peer support
more handy.
The second, and possibly you can comment on this, is that I assumed NT to be
focused on a workgroup or network usage. Therefore, I would believe that the
documentation and uses of terms would be more technical than most could
I had a similar problem when moving into '95. I did not understand the
concept of a server or client - too very important concepts in understanding
Microsoft Exchange Client. Now that '95 has been upgraded to a POP
connection, most of us don't have to understand the Inbox or Exchange
We are, however, becomming more understanding of these terms while still not
networking our computers. This is due, in part, by learning to create
websites and gaining experience understanding the role a "server" plays. The
majority seeking our help on this server are neophytes who lack the
knowledge that Steve and I (and many other active participants of this list)
share. I don't wish to argue with Steve since he makes valid points. I would
only suggest that independent users who were never on a network (or
workgroup) might understand the setup and maintainance on a Windows based
operating system better than than an NT system.
As far as New Technology - NT was introduced almost the same time as Windows
95. I might consider it DT (Different Technology) but I doubt that it really
is new and improved except compared to Windows 3.1

Finally, I don't harbor the same concerns that many have with Bill Gates - I
admire the man for what he accomplished. I don't want to debate this, as
Steve indicated, I just wanted to state my opinions. I only wish I had be
able to save, beg, borrow or steal:>) the money needed to invest in
Microsoft back in '86.


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Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:
> >From what I just read, NT5.0 may be delayed until the end of next year at
> the earliest. I also read that the current Beta version looks and acts
> much like Win98.
> Remember that NT5.0 has been primarily used for networked systems.  <SNIP>

It has been used primarily for networks because of the power and
stability.  I converted to NT back at 3.51 so I would have the power to run
multiple sessions of Autocad after getting over the idea that NT was for
networks.  Most individual users didn't go to NT because they didn't need
it and therefore couldn't justify the additional money.  I don't run a
network, but have found my system much more stable than collegues W95 or
W98 setups I've used in their offices. If something does crash, it only
crashes the software, not the entire operating system and machine.

The idea that if you don't run networks you don't need NT is like saying I
only do one or two frame analyisis a year so I don't need the software.
Correct, it's not needed, but it is a great asset to have and will make
your work more efficient once you go thru the learning curve.  That's were
the idea of moving to NT makes since.... make the change now and you don't
have to do it later.  It will happen if you are one to eventually upgrade
as most of us are... Some stay with DOS, but most recognize the advantage
of using the newer technology, which is what NT stands for New
Techonology.  All of the things people were talking about with partition
sizing and resizing, along with multiple boots can all be done with NT
without the addition of 3rd party software.

The file system for can also be setup in NTFS rather than FAT.  This has
proven to be more efficient also than the FAT systems.

The only thing to be aware of, the common version of NT does not support
128 bit encryption.  So if you want 128 bit encryption for the internet,
make sure you purchase the compatible version of NT... Otherwise you will
have problems.

Yes W98 will be supported for a few more years.  If Windows 3.x is a clue,
they will give about 3 years support after they quit producing W98.  But
after using both operating systems, I cast my vote to NT.  And I say that
even though I'm not a big fan of Bill Gates. But that's another subject
regarding the conversion of computer illiterate people to users...

just my opinion, and an effort to educate... not meant to start a debate

Steve P