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RE: New Win 98 Questions

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Let me know if this works AFTER you have reformatted your HDD and tried to
install your upgrade version of your OS.

BTW, I have NT 4.0 Workstation (full version) still in its shrink wrap.
E-mail me privately with your best offer.

Bill Allen

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Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:
> I would agree about waiting for the Plug 'n Pray features of NT 5.
> I would recommend NOT getting an upgrade version. If your system crashes
> the point where you have to reformat your HDD, you have to install the old
> OS then the upgrade.

Most upgrades now are complete versions.  you are just getting a price
break as a registered user.  The exception is a software patch that you
download from a site.  But I just recently bought a complete new version of
a piece of software and still had to download a patch from their site... so
staying away from an upgrade doesn't solve that problem.