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Re: New Win 98 Questions

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Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:
> Let me know if this works AFTER you have reformatted your HDD and tried to
> install your upgrade version of your OS.


I don't understand your intent here... I've done this already as I upgraded
from NT3.51 to NT4.0... and I have gone and reformated a HD and reinstalled
the upgrade version of the OS and all my other software.  This was done
when I went from a 850 meg HD to a 5.4 gig last April.  There were no

My point, was when you buy an upgrade now, you get the entire package. 
They just give you an upgrade price even though essentially every file is
new.  This was not true with the DOS upgrades as the upgrade from DOS 6.0
to 6.22 was one disk, but if you bought 6.22 complete, for an initial
installation, it was three disks.  But those days are gone with all the
software I've purchased the last several years.

Steve P