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New Win 98 Questions

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Steve Privett wrote:

I agree with this one... Win98 is the last of its kind.. NT5.0 is due for
release next year and it will be the only OS of MS.  It's very stable, but
there are some programs that don't run on it.  I've not found any structural
or office type programs that I have problems with, but there are some games
(who puts games on their computers ...) and some educational software for
kids.  NT4.0 also doesn't have the plug and play for all hardware upgrades,
but that hasn't been a problem.  You just have to read and perform the
proper setup.

I have had problems using NT4.0 with some old DOS programs from Eagle Point
in that the graphics would not print.  The computer would lock up if I
attempted to print them.  I have also had problems with a Windows based
program distributed by Louisiana-Pacific. That program is for plywood webbed
I-joists and some of their other products.  Both companies are aware of the

Roger Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.