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Re: Lightweight backfill

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Check out vermiculite as a "natural" lightweight backfill, or even perlite
or pumice.  I don't know about its compactability though.

>Greg Leyh <lod(--nospam--at)>
>I am looking for a lightweight alternative to 'pea gravel'
>for backfilling to a treated wood retaining wall.  I have
>searched the SEAOC archives, but didn't find anything.
>I have heard of styrofoam pellets being used as backfill,
>and was wondering how they might weather, or if there would
>be any other adverse consequences (like raccoons eating them).
>Do you mean "billets" of expanded polystyrene?  I used to have literature on
>EPS blocks that were used as fill.  I remember one example where they were
>used to fill a gully over soils that could not support usual fill to support
>a road bed.  My vague recollection is that these blocks of EPS were about 4'
>x 8' x 16'.  You could contact The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.,
>Expanded Polystyrene Division at 202-371-5200 if you want to follow up.
>Roger Davis
>SDS Architects, Inc.

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