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Mullen, Corey G. wrote:
> I am in the process of developing  design standards for a client's future
> capacitor bank foundations located in the Mojave Desert.  I am aware of the
> seismic zone 4, ice zone 2 ( 50 year radial ice thickness of 0.4 inches) and
> high wind zone considerations however I would appreciate some input.  Thank
> You

Yours could be an interesting structural problem, especially 
if the capacitors are rated for pulse discharge service. The 
typical Lorentz force reactions (attractive and repulsive) on 
pulse-discharge capacitors and their busbars during a discharge 
could produce sharp impulse loads well in excess of 10 tons.
I have witnessed a busbar support failure where three 5/16 GR8
bolts failed in tension.

Usually these forces are resolved within the capacitor framework;
however if bushings supporting the high-current busbars are 
mounted directly to the foundation instead of the capacitor frame, 
significant concentrated stresses could develop where the support 
bushings meet the foundation.