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Re: Stainless Steel Structural Shapes

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>Does anybody know of any producers/suppliers of 304 stainless steel 
structural shapes such as angles, wide flanges, and tubes? < 
Contact the Nickel Development Institute (412-369-0377) for manufacturer's
shapes.  I've contacted several and found the following:  
1. Extruded shapes are very limited and are only available in small sizes - 
6" max depth for wide flanges and 8" depth for channels.  Angles, tees, 
and square tubing are more readily available.  For larger members, 
structural shapes must be fabricated from bent or welded plates.  Channels
welded back-to-back to form a W-shape.     
2. Plates are available in a variety of stainless steel "types".  Rolled  
shapes are mainly available in Type 304, occasionally in 304L; Type 316/316L 
may be available in special orders (if adequate quantity to order a "coil").
Again, the general solution to get such as Type 316 stainless structural 
shapes is to fabricate from plate.    
3. Type 316 is generally more corrosion resistant than Type 304, but Type
may be okay for less severe environments.  Welding reduces the corrosion 
resistance of Types 304/316; Types 304L/316L are available with "low carbon" 
to maintain corrosion resistance of welded members.