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RE: french-spoken mailing list

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I, too, have been offended by Mr. Diez's remarks several times.  However, I 
think we need to let him know of our concerns before just booting him off 
the list.  If he continues to disparage racial groups then action will need 
to be taken.  If he cleans up his act, so much the better.  We all make 
mistakes.  He has provided several good posts to the list.

Bill Cain, S.E.
Oakland, CA

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I couldn't agree more. As I said in an earlier post, this is a forum for
structural engineering topics. We are given this through the Structural
Engineer's Associations of California, professional organizations devoted 
the improvement of the practice of structural engineering. Comments like 
sink the level of professionalism to an all time low. We have no need for 
racist "slam" remarks by Mr. Deiz towards the French or any other cultural
group. I am most definitely in favor of deleting Mr. Deiz from this list. 
states that it is his first amendment right to run his racist "smack".
Although he may be legally correct, he forgets that I too have and will use 
first amendment right to very loudly denounce his racist rhetoric and 
let him know that his opinions are not wanted here or anywhere else. My
grandparents were French Canadien immigrants who gave to me a love of the
language and for this reason I find his comments offensive.

Again, as a member of the Structural Engineer's Association of California 
a licensed professional engineer in the State of California, I requested 
Mr. Deiz be deleted in all ways possible.

En beau tabarnak,

Greg Riley PE