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RE: no needed

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You may want to look into the recent failure of  a panel tank system in 
Westminster, California (Southern California).  There are several articles 
on the Los Angeles Times website.  I don't know whether this was a failure 
due to deferred maintenance or a basic defect in the tank design or 
construction.  The pictures I've seen don't give me much faith in this type 
of system.

However, If you are looking at how to design a conventional prestressed 
concrete tank, see AWWA D-115-95, "AWWA Standard for Circular Prestressed 
Concrete Water Tanks with Circumferential Tendons", contact the AWWA 
website at for information on how to obtain it.  We have a 
large number of these tanks in water distribution service, some dating from 
the 1930's, which have given us good service as long as they are maintained 
and corrosion issues are addressed.

Bill Cain, S.E.
Oakland, CA

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Who can help me? I need an exemple of computatiuon of a water tank
>constructed using concrete panels held together by a series of
>circumferential steel tendons, posttensionned. There are the danish and

>german projects.
>Many thanks.
>Pompiliu Dragomirescu