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RE: windows (several) v.s. linux

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Linux is a freeware version of the UNIX operating system, conceived a scant few years ago by Linus Torvalds, who was then a Finnish graduate student in computer science.  He wanted to try an "experiment," to see if an open-systems OS like UNIX could be successfully built by several people in several places working simultaneously and sharing the fruits of their labors online.

Since, it has gained a tremendous following, especially after "official" versions (called "distributions") have begun to be made available by such companies as Red Hat and Slackware.

The OS poses a real dilemma to Microsoft loyalists, since it is the first truly "open" system ever.  No one really owns the "rights" to it; it is an agreed-upon standard.  Since no one actually "owns" it, then no one can commandeer it to their own ends, as MS most certainly uses its own OSes.

It is robust and remarkably low-overhead (I've been told by a net acquaintance that he is using it as a server for his own website, running it on a 386!!)  At this point, there is no "official" graphical interface for the OS, although several are in the works and in various stages of completion.

Also, right now it is said to be very difficult to install and maintain unless you are a true computer nerd who loves to play around with that kind of stuff (of course, it also lacks many "modern" hardware drivers; in one discussion with a Linux afficionado, I was told this wasn't a problem: "I just write whatever drivers I need!" was the comment.  That lets you know just HOW nerdy you've got to be!)

However, much of that is changing as the OS catches the fancy of the market.  Soon, it may be as simple to install and maintain Linux as Windows NT, and drivers are appearing constantly on the 'net, free of charge.

Anyway, I have in mind to install it on my old 486-66 as soon as I can get a "round2it".

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Dear fellows, 

Does anyone of you know something about another operative system named 
LINUX, which is totally free??