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Re: New Win 98 Questions

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Funnier still is the fact that MS decided early on to bail on IBM in the development of OS/2. Gee I guess they wanted to get everyone on their upgrade path by making it difficult for others to keep supporting legacy software.

Barry H. Welliver

Bill Polhemus wrote:

> Gee, this is SUCH a familiar spiel!  Where have I heard it before?
> Oh, yes, this was the VERY SAME FEATURE touted by OS/2 when I began using it in 1993!
> Yet, I'll bet many of you thought this was an "exclusive feature" of Windows NT.  Goes to illustrate: MS is HARDLY the innovator of technology that people claim.  Most of the time, they simply borrow ideas from others, then market them harder than anyone else.
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> Please also consider Windows NT 4.0.   It is much more stable than any of
> the Windows 9Xs.  And if one thread dies, your computer still works without
> corruping the other datas in operation.  You can run many DOSs under NT
> 4.0.  You can have 80 rows of output in command mode (with vertical scroll
> bar!)