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RE: New Win 98 Questions

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Funnier still is the fact that MS decided early on to bail on IBM in the development of OS/2. Gee I guess they wanted to get everyone on their upgrade path by making it difficult for others to keep supporting legacy software.

Barry H. Welliver

[Bill Polhemus]  

I don't really fault Microsoft in this.  After all, it is their right to "go-no go" on a business decision.  However, I do remember there were a lot of software developer friends of mine who were upset that they'd been told for three years that OS/2 was the "coming thing."  All of a sudden, the $2,000-$3,000 they had spent on their software development tools was down the drain.

Microsoft told them, in essence, "Hey, that's O.K.  We'll sell you the Windows SDK's for the same price you paid for OS/2's!"