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RE: 97 UBC 1633.2.4

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It's a good question which isn't perfectly clear in the Code.  However, see
Section 1612.4, which is the only mention which I could find of WSD in
connection with the load causing this deflection.  The intent of the Code is
to maintain gravity-load capacity at a distortion in the inelastic range, so
I would bite the bullet and check this condition by USD if I had to convince
a Building Official.

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	I've got a question regarding the Deformation Compatibility
	for the the 1997 UBC (section 1633.2.4).  My question is this, if
	using working stress method (divide the seismic load as determined
	the 97 UBC by 1.4), can I still use the 70% allowable stress
increase as
	stated in the 1994 UBC?
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